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Company profile

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Founded in 2001, Voxtech has become the largest independent 2-way radio audio accessories manufacturer in the world with 500 staff and 12,000 square meter facility. Catering semi-customization of security and police market, our product line covers over 3000 headsets and 400 radio connectors.

Voxtech R&D has successfully rolled out the proprietary bone conduction microphone, award winning bone conduction speaker,  waterproof speaker microphone, and wireless PTT etc, which has differentiated Voxtech from its competitors by being an innovative leader in the market.

Staffed with 25 experienced engineers in the field of electrical, acoustic, mechanical, and software, Voxtech reacts quickly towards OEM/ODM projects to meet clients’ needs of developing unique solution. 

Voxtech develops molds in house for over 98% plastic parts and all cable strain relief, which enables the flexibility of dealing with customized projects.关于我们

Over the years, Voxtech has developed an ISO9001-2008 certificated QC system to guarantee quality in small batch manufacturing of headphones. Product reliability and assurance tests are carried out every stage from product design to mass production as per 810F. Voxtech has obtained a very low return rate of 0.18% over the years.

80% products are exported, catering markets such as law enforcement, hotel,security and commercial etc. Voxtech has long term business with 3M/Peltor, Airsys, Swedish Radio Supply,etc.

Born to serve 2-way radio market, Voxtech will keep improving to provide supreme quality products and customized engineering solutions.

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